Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 good tips to get more traffic to your articles

Getting traffic from article websites is a huge traffic source for most people. Article marketing is huge form of marketing, with article sites getting millions of visitors a month it is a great way to get lots of traffic to your blog or website, but you have to know how to optimize your articles to get the maximum results.

1. You have to decide what keywords your are going to use or rank for, focus on one key word or phase. Also make sure your key word or phase is in the title of your article.

2. Your article has to be 400 words at minimum and have a key word density of  3 to 5 percent. If your is article is 400 words your key words should not repeat more than 20 times.Your article should have most or your  key words within the first 5 and the last 5 sentences of your article.

3 Don,t give away all your info, lets say some one is looking for a way to lose fat and come across your article if you tell them everything they need to know. Why would they visit your site if you already solved there problem or answered there question? You have to leave them wanting more info forcing them to visit your website.

4. fill in the authors box with a few things about what you are trying to accomplish and a link back to your site.

These are some simple steps to writing a good article for traffic, keep this in mind when you are writing your articles.Then when finished you can submit your article to the top article submission websites.

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