Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 good tips to get more traffic to your articles

Getting traffic from article websites is a huge traffic source for most people. Article marketing is huge form of marketing, with article sites getting millions of visitors a month it is a great way to get lots of traffic to your blog or website, but you have to know how to optimize your articles to get the maximum results.

The Benefits of Article Marketing

. If you haven't heard, article marketing is currently one of the simplest ways to market your website or blog. Website owners from all over the world are starting to realize the power and benefits of article marketing.

Below is a short list of how this method of marketing will benefit your website or blog.

1.Article Marketing helps to increase your search engine rankings

Yes this method of marketing will in fact increase your search engine rankings and put you closer to that first page of any search engine. Unfortunately you are not guaranteed to be automatically boosted to the first page, but you will have taken a big leap over many other websites in the search engines, because most article directories are considered authority websites.

2.Good Way to build Backlinks

Article marketing is also a good way to  build back links to your website or blog. You can write up one article and submit it to ten different high Page Rank article Directories. Doing this will give you ten high quality backlinks off of one article.

3.You get targeted traffic for free

Like i said above article directories are very high in traffic, also people are always looking for help and advice on many different topics and tend to search for answers on these websites. When you submit your articles be sure to choose the category that best fits your article. If people find your articles to be helpful to them they are more likely to visit your site.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

should you use article marketing to promote your site

Do you want to explode the traffic flow of your page or blog and cause extra sales? If your answer is no you have had a impolite day. If you have not heard, article marketing is as of now one of the most productive and easiest techniques to promote your page or blog. web page owners from all over the world are beginning to realize the effectiveness and the convenience of article marketing.

Below is a short exceptional list of how this method of marketing will benefit your website or blog.